Build Glutes At Home

today I’m gonna show you how to grow your glutes the best way.

All right, guys, let’s get started.
Most glute exercises target your butt but emphasize a particular area, which is why it’s so important to use a combination of exercises to emphasize all of those areas. Neglecting certain exercises may hinder your growth in certain areas.
For example, kickbacks are gonna target your upper glutes while something like jumping squats is gonna target that lower peachy area. If the goal is not just growing your glutes, but having a nice, round, aesthetic, perfect shape, then glute isolation is a must.

Today I’m gonna show you a workout
that incorporates glute isolation.

the first move is side lunges,
15 reps on each leg.
The next one, kickbacks on the bench.

We’re gonna do it 10 reps each leg, and this is gonna get the top area of the glutes.
Make sure you’re completely squeezing your glutes and completely tightening up your core.
You’ll feel that squeeze at the top.

All right, on to the next movement we’re gonna do kick pumps.
This is one of my very favorite movements, and it gets that upper area. 10 reps on each side.

The next one is gonna be jumping squats, and these plyometrics get the lower glutes and make sure you get that nice, round, perfect, perky butt.
Keep your core tight, and make sure you breathe in this.

the last movie that we’re gonna do is 20 seconds on the jump rope. This is good for fat burning and slimming down that waist, which is great for the aesthetic appearance of your glutes. And of course, jumping is plyometric, which is good for that booty gain.

There was the end of round one. We need to do three more to complete the total of four rounds.

We did lunges and lateral kicks to get the outside, side area of the glutes. Then we also did the kickbacks and the kick pumps, which focus and emphasize the top area of your glutes. Then we did our jumping squats, which target the lower areas to make it round, tight, and perky, and most importantly, to grow that booty.